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SCATTER is a local authority focussed emissions tool, built to help create low carbon local authorities. SCATTER provides local authorities and city regions with the opportunity to standardise their greenhouse gas reporting and align to international frameworks, including the setting of targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

  • SCATTER generates a compliant emissions inventory

  • SCATTER can be used to develop a credible decarbonisation pathway for a local authority to implement in line with their emissions targets.

  • Outputs can then be used for engagement to create a collaborative carbon reduction approach

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Hot Maps

The overarching goal of Hotmaps is the development of an open source heating / cooling mapping and planning toolbox and to provide default data for EU28 at national and local level.


These data and tool allow public authorities to identify, analyse, model and map resources and solutions to supply energy needs within their territory of responsibility in a resource and cost efficient way. T


hose results will help authorities to develop heating and cooling strategies on local, regional and national scale which are in line with RES and CO2-Emission targets on national and EU level.

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Hot Maps


Regen has just published a new paper, Energy Networks for the Future. Supported by SP Energy Networks, the paper highlights the need for a new partnership between the public and private sector to deliver the energy infrastructure needed to achieve net zero decarbonisation.


In the context of the climate emergency, changing public opinion and calls for renationalisation, network companies are re-evaluating their remit and role in decarbonisation, not only for energy, but also in the wider social context.

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