Support to assist your 

low carbon journey

Workshops and Consultancy

Workshop and consultancy services are structured to meet the individual requirements of each authority. 

Building Community Engagement

Key to meeting net ZERO carbon agenda, are the carbon reduction successes achieved by the wider community. 


For this to happen there must be inclusion with all interested parties  who must feel part of the larger picture whilst also being inspire and motivated to bring about more change.

This workshop brings together all key members of the authority including the following external groups to create a plan of key deliverables, actions and priorities.


  • Extinction Rebellion

  • Other climate groups

  • Schools

  • Peer groups

All the recommendations are then compiled into a central actionable programme that engages, motivates and inspires all involved parties.

Setting out a Road Map to Net ZERO Carbon

The purpose of this workshop/consultancy is to start the process of building capacity to deliver on this challenging agenda. It aims to gain collective buy in and focus on key priorities and deliverables, identify challenges and opportunities and set out your own road map to net zero carbon. 

The work looks at the crucial role of municipal energy as a catalyst for the change to zero carbon and adopts a total place approach to the energy transition.

This workshop is for: 


  • Local Authority Corporate/Senior Management Teams

  • Elected Members and Portfolio Holders

  • Climate Change and Sustainability Officers

Grid and Project Risk Assessment

Absolutely key to the delivery of any form of renewable technology is a financially viable grid connection.

Unless an authority  'tests' the connectivity of the grid, it may be that the carbon action plan will fail. 

For many local authorities this may prove difficult as much of the grid is already constrained and the demand for electric vehicle charging points and other renewable technology is utilising what spare capacity there is.

This consultancy tests the grid and the local authority's renewable energy projects to demonstrate what can and cannot be connected. This eliminates both wasted application fees and months of time, whilst proving reassurance the carbon plan can be delivered.

A risk assessment of all private and pubic sector projects to (say) 2030 can be undertaken to demonstrate the economic impact of grid constraints to an authority. 

As well as saving both time and money, the key benefit to an authority, is that this grid and project assessment will prove the deliverability of the carbon action plan.

Using Virtual Assets to shift to a low carbon economy

Every successful private business uses virtual assets (databases) to

communicate with customers and build income streams. 

Local authorities are sitting on valuable 'virtual assets' that they should be

using to help deliver their ZERO carbon agenda.


This consultancy demonstrates how local authorities can :

  • Generate publicity for their CO2 reduction successes

  • Create a community hub to inspire a carbon culture shift

  • Build a rapport with local people and businesses

  • Build income streams to fund personnel and projects 

The consultancy provides focuses of the principles of : 

  • 'communication' to engage and inspire local residents, businesses, climate change groups to create a carbon culture shift

  • 'increasing income streams' using the same principles as Martin Lewis (moneysavingexpert), Amazon, Charge Master 

Local authorities now have the opportunity to duplicate this model to 'self fund' the carbon team and shift to a low carbon economy.

Asset Purchase Evaluation


For those local authorities who wish to purchase an existing operational renewable project, such as a solar PV farm or standalone battery project, we are able to provide the necessary due diligence to complete the project.
The due diligence then de risks the project and provides the local authority with the comfort that the purchase will provide the anticipated levels of income.