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Support to assist your 

low carbon journey

Carbon BaseLining and Measuring

We are able to provide a unique and necessary service for non-domestic buildings that :


  • calculates the carbon emissions for each building to produce a carbon baseline

  • provides software with a customised dashboard that measures the monthly carbon emissions

  • allows the authority to demonstrate in real time the carbon emission reductions being achieved

  • generates an annual certificate that the authority can hang in the building to promote its carbon reduction success 


This service puts the authority in control of its carbon emissions for its non domestic  buildings to support the authority develop its Heat Decarbonisation Plan (HPD).


This is a cost effective service as the first year cost is just £385 plus vat. 

Discounted costs are available for multiple buildings.

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Building Energy Assessments 

We originally created this service to support PSDS funding that is able to provide local authorities with a comprehensive assessment of each non-domestic building that identifies :


  • the energy and carbon savings from up to 37 different measures

  • the installation cost and therefore financial payback period

  • the financial viability of air source and ground source heat pumps

  • 3 different strategies to increase the EPC rating of the building

  • renewable energy assessment including 5 different financial models 

  • financial modelling for the inclusion of battery storage


We provide a COVID secure cost effective desktop report that assesses each building from its EPC to support the authority develop its Heat Decarbonisation Plan (HPD).


Please download our brochure for more details on the building assessment service.

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Grid and Project Risk Assessment

Absolutely key to the delivery of any form of renewable technology is a financially viable grid connection.

Unless an authority  'tests' the connectivity of the grid, it may be that the carbon action plan will fail. 

For many local authorities this may prove difficult as much of the grid is already constrained and the demand for electric vehicle charging points and other renewable technology is utilising what spare capacity there is.

This consultancy tests the grid and the local authority's renewable energy projects to demonstrate what can and cannot be connected. This eliminates both wasted application fees and months of time, whilst proving reassurance the carbon plan can be delivered.

A risk assessment of all private and pubic sector projects to (say) 2030 can be undertaken to demonstrate the economic impact of grid constraints to an authority. 

As well as saving both time and money, the key benefit to an authority, is that this grid and project assessment will prove the deliverability of the carbon action plan.

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