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Every local authority can join the most proactive and innovative ZERO Carbon Places for FREE

Our Platinium Members

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Benefits of Joining

  • Part of a network with visionary authorities 

  • Regular newsletters on innovative carbon reducing ideas

  • Learn from each other

  • Learn from successful European cities

  • Ability to improve effectiveness and efficiencies of delivery models

  • Knowledge of latest ideas and technologies

  • Proactive thinking ideas and solutions

  • Ability to duplicate successful solutions


Join ZERO Carbon Places

Membership is FREE for every local authority to join who will benefit from carbon reduction ideas and strategies, newsletters, latest developments in technologies, thoughts and ideas to develop the net ZERO carbon road map.

​Members also benefit from being part of a network of local authorities whose aim is :

  • Promote and share best practice

  • Expertise in scaling-up processes

  • Standardisation

  • Shared knowledge and collaboration

  • Governance models

  • Funding approaches

  • Place Based approach

See prospectus for full details.

Facilitators - Asset Utilities Ltd and Municipia are the facilitators for the group, organising all events, communications and resources.

To join download the application form    

Do You Want To Be Part of the RACE TO ZERO?


ZERO Carbon Places is working in conjunction with COP26 promoting the RACE TO ZERO.


Our role is to promote the Local Authority RACE TO ZERO placing particular emphasis on supporting those authorities who are serious about working together with a focus to achieve their net zero commitments. 


If you wish to be part of this committed group, please click the button below. Your logo will be added to this website so that you gain the necessary recognition.


You will also receive preferential information and opportunities, such as being one of ZCP's exemplar local authorities at the two event we are organising at COP26.

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