Every local authority can join the most proactive and innovative

ZERO Carbon Places

for FREE


Benefits of Joining

  • Part of a network with visionary authorities 

  • Regular newsletters on innovative carbon reducing ideas

  • Learn from each other

  • Learn from successful European cities

  • Ability to improve effectiveness and efficiencies of delivery models

  • Knowledge of latest ideas and technologies

  • Proactive thinking ideas and solutions

  • Ability to duplicate successful solutions

Join the ZERO Carbon Places

The network will operate on two levels.

Level 1 Membership is FREE for every local authority to join who will benefit from carbon reduction ideas and strategies, newsletters, latest developments in technologies, thoughts and ideas to develop the net ZERO carbon road map.

​Members also benefit from being part of a network of local authorities whose aim is :

  • Promote and share best practice

  • Expertise in scaling-up processes

  • Standardisation

  • Shared knowledge and collaboration

  • Governance models

  • Funding approaches

  • Place Based approach

See prospectus for full details.


Workshops will be organised with a nominal fee charged to cover the overhead of the event.

Level 2 Membership will include a greater set of services, events, workshops, networking opportunities, knowledge portal, online resources and tool kit to support each local authority. This will be launched in due course.

Facilitators - Asset Utilities Ltd and Municipia are the facilitators for the group, organising all events, communications and resources.

To join download the application form    

Climate Emergency WORKSHOP : Setting out a Road Map to net ZERO Carbon

This one day workshop starts the process of building capacity to deliver this challenging agenda.

It aims to gain collective buy in and focus on key priorities and deliverables, identify challenges

and opportunities and set out your own road map to net zero carbon.

It starts with an understanding of TOTAL PLACE and builds a ROAD MAP that incorporates

remunicipalision of energy to create a coordinated approach that delivers the local authority's

net ZERO CARBON ambitions


The workshop is  for :

  • Local authority corporate/senior management teams

  • Elected members and portfolio holders

  • Climate change and sustainability officers

The workshop is a fixed cost of £1,750 plus vat, is bespoke and structured to meet a local

authority's requirements.

Additional Supporting Services

Asset Utilities and Municipia are providing some focused services to support authorities and councils achieve their carbon saving ambitions.


These are based on their extensive experience delivering energy strategies with local authorities in the UK and Europe.

Asset Utilities clients include :