A network of local authorities working together to create the road map

to achieve

net ZERO carbon



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​Members benefit from being part of a network of local authorities whose aim is :

  • Promote and share best practice

  • Expertise in scaling-up processes

  • Standardisation

  • Shared knowledge and collaboration

  • Governance models

  • Funding approaches

  • Place Based approach

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Membership is FREE for every local authority to join.


Members benefit from carbon reduction ideas and strategies, newsletters, latest developments in technologies, thoughts and ideas to develop the net ZERO carbon road map.


Webinars are regularly organised to promote carbon reduction ideas and those authorities who are making exemplar achievements.

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Latest News

We are delighted that ZERO Carbon Places have been chosen to host

a two-day event at COP26 to showcase 10 exemplar authorities and their

achievements reducing carbon emissions. 

Each exemplar authority will receive the recognition for their work from the COP26 PR team and the 5,000 press representatives at the event.

If you would like to be considered for this prestige placement, there is more information in the brochure.


Please drop a note of interest to marc@assetutilities.com if you wish to be considered.

AND ....

As an extension of COP26 we are promoting the Local Authority RACE TO ZERO to create a platform for all local authorities to receive recognition for their success on a world stage.

To learn more click here

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Road Map to ZERO Carbon

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Stage 1 
Diagnostic Assessment

Includes these three parts :
PART 1 : Baseline Analysis - Where are we?

PART 2 : CO2 Gap Analysis - How much carbon do we need to save?

PART 3 : Delivery Options - How do we get there ?

Business Case Delivery Options
Stage 2 
Instead of having a strategy that represents an idealistic set of objectives, Stage 2 is focused on defining the business case behind each of the technologies and projects defined in Stage 1.

An opportunity then exists to create a municipal energy vehicle (such as an ESCO) whereby an authority can generate revenue from energy projects, which can then be re-distribute into new energy or community projects.

Stage 3
Delivering the Energy Projects
Stage 3 is to deliver the energy projects to achieve the identified carbon savings via the private sector, or alternatively could utilise centre of excellence skills within existing local authorities. 
This network will promote public sector delivery models which may include ESCO formation, retrofitting of residential properties, delivery of district heating, air/ground pump projects as examples.


Before introducing carbon reduction measures, it is essential to know how much carbon is first being emitted by the building.
We have created a cost effective service that will :


  • calculates a building's carbon emissions to produce a carbon baseline

  • provides software with a customised dashboard that measures the monthly carbon emissions that the authority can control

  • allows the authority to demonstrate in real time the carbon emission reductions being achieved

  • generates an annual certificate that the authority can hang in the building to promote its carbon reduction success 

We also input all the data and set the system up for the authority. Basically it's a 'plug and play' product.


This service puts the authority in control of its carbon emissions for its non domestic  buildings to support the authority develop its Heat Decarbonisation Plan (HPD).


This is a cost effective service at just £385 plus vat per building with reduced prices available for multiple buildings.

For more supporting services

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