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Our Role

To promote Local authorities on a world stage


Time is running out 

Time is running out and there is less than 10 years left for local authorities to meet their climate change obligations.

ZERO Carbon Places is working with COP26 to promote exemplar local authorities as part of the United Nation's RACE TO ZERO and we are creating two platforms.

We have Two roles

Role 2: Race to Zero

Role 2  is about to be created on this site where we will show the logos for all those local authorities who wish to be part of the RACE TO ZERO.

We will then provide links for each authority to news and success stories that they have achieved. Our focus is to create for each local authority as much recognition as possible for their achievements.

Role 1: Promoting Exemplar Authority

Role 1 is to identify ten exemplar local authorities who would like to be part of a two day event at COP26 to promote the commitment and successes of reducing energy and carbon. We are presently considering applications from local authorities, which are being judged with the following metrics :

  • Carbon Baselining Non-Domestic Buildings

  • Behavioural Change

  • Innovative Carbon Reduction Projects

  • Engagement and Leadership of Community and SME Projects

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The recognition and benefits from being seen as an exemplar local authority are described in the brochure.


Benefits Of Joining The RACE TO ZERO

Shortly we will be adding to this page logos of all those authorities participating with links to their carbon reduction activities.

This creates recognition with both the public and press that RACE TO ZERO authorities are making significant efforts to reduce their carbon emissions.

Monthly webinars will provide key deliverable solutions to support reducing carbon emissions. 

We will publicize the successes that local authorities are achieving. This means other members on a similar path will be able to directly access those authorities and learn from their achievements.

How to Get Involved

Very simply email saying you wish to join and your logo will be added to this section of the website. 

You will then be invited to offer any examples or links to carbon reduction work undertaken to showcase your authority's commitment to reduce its carbon. 

We look forward to you joining.