Working together is the most  efficient and effective way for a local authority to achieve their

net ZERO carbon vision.

Only 10 years to achieve net ZERO carbon

Why this is important

Firstly there is no one single solution to achieve net ZERO carbon, which might possibly be achieved with a coordinated number of solutions to match a local authorities asset base.

Local authorities will also need to look at energy differently by creating a vehicle (like an ESCO) that can generate income from energy and renewable projects, house retrofitting etc and then reinvest into future projects.


Key considerations for local authorities are the subjects of :


  • Remunicipalistion of energy and how, as with European cities, energy networks can support the aspirations of the authorities

  • Retaining control of databases for energy clients, such as EV charging customers, as a means of being able to communicate future offers and news

Understanding the scale of the challenge facing local authorities is just the starting point and there are many obstacles that could prevent us achieving the ambition of net zero CO2 emissions. For instance, unless there are private wire or other onsite solutions, all energy projects require a grid connection. Most areas in the UK already have constraint issues on the electrical grid, which will be unable to accommodate the additional demand that will be required from future residential, commercial and electrification of transport projects.


This means both the public and private sector will experience excessively high grid offers, projects unable to proceed resulting in the zero-carbon agenda will be derailed.


It is therefore important that all the councils that have now declared a “climate emergency” work together with other local authorities with similar targets to achieve their carbon reduction targets and respective visions.


The commencement point is creating a road map and by working together, each local authority can learn as part of one network the most efficient and effective way to achieve their ZERO carbon vision.

Next Steps

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2. Define your own journey and road map

Create a structured approach to deliver your carbon saving objectives

3. Collaboration 

Work with proactive local authorities to achieve to your ZERO carbon vision

Network Facilitators
Asset Utilities and Municipia managing the membership to support the vision of the local authority members