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Working together is the most  efficient and effective way for a local authority to achieve their net zero carbon vision


Less Than 10 Years To Achieve Net ZERO Carbon

Why Was This Network Formed


ZERO Carbon Places was formed to fill a gap that existed where local authorities could share ideas, promote their successes and collaborate to help each other on their carbon reduction journeys.

Aims Of This Network


As facilitators, our job is to promote solutions that will inspire local authorities to deliver more projects, reducing both energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Members also benefit from being part of a network of local authorities whose aim is :

  • Promote and share best practice

  • Expertise in scaling-up processes

  • Standardization

  • Shared knowledge and collaboration

  • Governance models

  • Funding approaches

  • Place Based approach


Our Ambitions 


To build a network whose members are the most proactive UK local authorities who are proud to promote their carbon reduction successes for the world to see.

Next Steps

1. Join ZERO Carbon Places

Its FREE and obtain the latest news, knowledge, collaboration of projects and events 

2. Define your own journey and road map

Create a structured approach to deliver your carbon saving objectives

3. Collaboration 

Work with proactive local authorities to achieve to your ZERO carbon vision

Network Facilitators

Asset Utilities and Municipia managing the membership to support the vision of the local authority members
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