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Exemplar Authorities

We are promoting videos from exemplar authorities, so they gain the recognition for the great work they have done and are doing.

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Building Measures Assessment To Improve EPC Band
(Meets MEES regulations from 1st April 2023)

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Financial Modelling To Decarbonise Corporate Buildings
(81% average CO2 reduction achieved)

​How Local Authorities Can Decarbonise Their Local Economy.

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It's Free to Join 

Membership is FREE for every local authority to join.
Members benefit from carbon reduction ideas and strategies, newsletters, latest developments in technologies, thoughts, and ideas to develop the net ZERO carbon road map.
Webinars are regularly organised to promote carbon reduction ideas and those authorities who are making exemplar achievements.

To join for FREE, please download the application form 

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Our Vision

Members benefit from being part of a network of local authorities whose aim is

  • Promote and share best practice

  • Expertise in scaling-up processes

  • Standardisation

  • Shared knowledge and collaboration

  • Governance models

  • Funding approaches

  • Place Based approach

See prospectus for full details.

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Our Platinium Members

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Scope 3 : Software Solution

The holy grail is being able to calculate the scope 3 carbon emissions per external supplier per building.

We have software that is able to provide these results on a highly visible dashboard, with carbon reduction badges to provide the recognition for carbon reductions per building.

Key benefits that make this software the number one choice for local authorities includes :

  1. Bulk uploads of all scope 1 and 2 data can be provided via an API

  2. External log in for all external scope 3 suppliers

  3. Bulk uploads for all scope 3 data


Our software provides immediate results and the carbon emissions per building can be compared using 9 different intensity metrics. 


We are able to support each external supplier and help them reduce their carbon footprint. This has the key benefit of reducing the authority’s carbon emissions per building.


The cost of the software is linked to the number of buildings, with over 100 buildings costing £397 plus vat per building for access to the 12 month cloud operated software platform.


For a live demo demonstrate of the software, please contact

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